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Safety practices to avoid asset recovery scams

  • Be aware of investigative scams.
  • Only engage with established investigative firms. If you want a recommendation of an established investigative firm, please email Chainabuse does not make any profit by recommending investigative firms. We only do so to protect victims from investigative scams.
  • Only engage with investigative firms that have pre-vetted or have been pre-vetted, as this may lead to another scam and more loss incurred.
  • Be aware of reviews; they can easily be faked.
  • If you share publicly that you have been a victim of a scam, block private messages from unknown recipients.
  • Do not respond to investigative firms pretending they can freeze funds on your behalf. Only law enforcement can ask you for money in exchange for “getting back your funds.”
  • Do not provide any personal information to these unknown investigators. Only take advice from pre-vetted investigative firms.

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