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Safety practices to avoid ransomware

Below are examples of practical tips. For a full guide on ransomware protection, seek advice from an IT security expert.

  • Identify searchable IT assets via online tools and take steps to reduce that exposure. Ensure best practice passwords/access management.
  • Be sure you and any of your users, if you work as part of a company, are trained on IT security, specifically phishing scams (more on our dedicated article on phishing scams) and other good security habits. Use Caution with email attachments.
  • Never open attachments from people you do not know; always check email senders before opening them.
  • Check URLs before engaging with websites.
  • Invest in anti-virus software and routinely update it to keep pace with new threats as they are discovered.
  • Understand Patches and Software Updates.
  • Make regular back-ups

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